GlyDerm Vitamin C Serum with QuSome® Technology

Advanced Delivery Technology for Healthy, More Vibrant-Looking Skin

GlyDerm® formulates its Intense C Serum using patented QuSome® technology. QuSome® technology encapsulates the L-ascorbic acid, enhancing its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers and work longer to stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce the signs of aging.

QuSome® Technology

Lipid Layer
Contains lipid-soluble ingredients
Water Layer
Contains water-soluble ingredients
(L-ascorbic acid)
When applied to the skin, QuSome® technology enhances the permeation of encapsulated ingredients into the layers of the skin
QuSome® technology releases essential nutrients over time and allow the encapsulated ingredients to remain in the skin for longer periods
The outcome is better activity of encapsulated ingredients
resulting in younger, healthier-looking skin
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QuSome® is a patented technology and registered trademark of BioZone Laboratories, Inc.